Intelletech specialise in interactive touch screen solutions. Our aim is to deliver a product that the client can be proud of, to have excellent user experience, and to create systems that can showcase the clients' products or services.

We offer a range of iTouch systems, all of which cover a vast array of applications. Our systems have built in functions that allow clients to measure events, (trade or retail) graphically and statistically in “real” time. We do not use any physical keyboards however if you require user input our systems can offer virtual digital keyboards. Our systems can automate the process of prospect qualification, lead allocation, event statistics, reports and measurements, and also include live SMS, e-mail messaging and instant print options.

System content and functionality is crucial to the success of any event or retail solution, equally important is touch screen positioning for a client in their given environment to maximise their visibility and usage. We are able to offer a range of hardware for all situations with a variety of options available for indoor usage including hand held tablets, standalone units wall mounted touch screens, desktop screens and even bespoke client branded solutions can be supplied. Not only do we offer indoor solutions but outdoor too, our outdoor kiosks have similar benefits to our indoor ones but have the convenience of outdoor usage whatever the weather.

iStats is a revolutionary system recording a wealth of statistics for each client allowing them to monitor and measure their set commercial objectives and system usage in “real” time via the internet. The content can be displayed statistically or in graphs. iStats can also send live event statistics to selected screens, mobile phones, email addresses etc enabling clients to be connected to live statistical feedback regardless of location.

We have enjoyed working with a variety of clients from large to small, and would be happy to hear from you if you have a project in mind.