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This is the latest promotional tool for your business, it allows clients to deliver digital content to their businesses and also for locations to upload their own content. KeyTV offers a branded header bar with business or location name, a live BBC or SkyNews ticker, and also offers live weather forecasting.

KeyTV can be used in a variety of environments, for example; dealerships, shops, events, and many more. Tailor multiple elements to suit your needs today.

1. KeyTV

KeyTV is a multi-functional digital content delivery system. KeyTV offers clients the ability to deliver and control digital content shown on selected TV's. Content can be delivered to specific individual TV's, selected groups of TV's and even a combination of the two if required offering the ultimate flexibility. The content can range from static images and messages, HD videos and commercials to real time weather forecasts and live news feeds.

2. Personalised

The screen display area can be personalised to the location or business name and corporate logo. The content is 100% editable KeyTV can allow the client to supply set mandatory content to be shown, whilst allowing the location the ability to upload their own unique content if required. KeyTV also has an integrated pre-approval system which allows clients to ensure that locations adhere to any pre-existing guidelines if necessary.

3. Any Device

KeyTV has specifically been designed to enable the integration of multiple hardware solutions. It can be optimised to run on various device platforms including existing televisions, desktop PC's, tablets even mobile phones if required. When a client has a project using a specific targeted hardware the KeyTV system will be able to integrate and communicate with it.

4. Stats

Once logged into KeyTV's online account a client has many options available within the dashboard and Stats is one of them. This section allows a client to monitor all their devices, if they are active or not, the internet line speed each device has, if a device is offline when it last was connected. This section also shows summary graphs for total locations total devices registered / active etc. This detailed real time feedback offers a client the ability to monitor all devices in all locations globally.


Tailor content on KeyTV to suit your business

Live weather and news feeds

Manage mandatory content

Statistical usage data available

Organise location specific content

Create unique programmes and channels

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